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of sand against i call him keith. i can't pronounce his name -- against keith's building there was 23, 24 feet of sand and it was right against his building and his foundation was not deep. so we had to shore, from not going underneath this building, we shored from the side, using grout. it was a much more difficult process, that was. the other project, the new project, is a tunnel. and it presents new type of things, but it doesn't come near keith's property. it just doesn't come near his house. there's a concrete staircase between his house and the garage. it's not going to be disturbed. so we're not even coming within that three foot staircase. >> president hwang: thank you. i got the picture. >> one is top-down, the other is side-in. >> president hwang: thank you. >> anything else? >> vice president fung: got a question for ms. dick. you indicated in your brief that the structural design documents and -- were available for the appellant's review? >> my understanding that they were always made available. there was an effort -- fngetsz >> vice president fung: so by inference a copy was
objective, and the service that i provide to keith on this job. when we got the project in mid-august, we met with the contractor. once he heard that he had the permit we asked for the drawings, we asked for the calculations. respect dbi and dbi and the people that do the plan checking. i got a copy of the calculations and a copy of the shoring plans. you could not connect them. and i been in this profession for a very long time, almost 40 years. so that was number one. we couldn't make a connection with a bunch of computer -- but you couldn't tie the computer output to the plans. also, we did not have any drawings that illustrated the -- grouting. we met with the geogrout, and he showed us the plan this he had in mind. in the package that the attorneys put together, exhibit e, that shows the grouting for the gmi as proposed, mr. carp said that it's four foot six away, well it's four foot six away from his property line near the back near the elevator lobby but adjacent, very close to his house, for i think 30 feet, near the house. so there's some misrepresentation. so i did subsequent to
>>> good morning and welcome to news 4 midday, i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. i's tuesday october 9, 2012. a judge sentenced jerry sandusky to 30 and no more than 60 years prison. the 68-year-old will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars. the former penn state assistant football coach was convicted in june of sexually abusing ten boys. he denied the allegations, talked about his life in prison and the pain of being away from his family. the judge called the case a story of betrayal and sandusky continues to assault their psyche's and souls. one of the victims said you should be ashamed of yourself going on to say i don't forgive you and i don't know if i ever will. here is what one of his lawyers said moments ago. >> we are pleased with the sentence. it's less than we thought it could have been. >> the judge could have given him 100 years to 200 years. the judge was sending a message that what was done required retribution and balanced out the good he's done. >> he maintains his innocence. yesterday, he read another statement on penn state radio. sandusk
. the officcal ruling in pnnhony anderson's death released tonight. tonight. keith daniels, live at city police heaaquarters where the family calls it proof of another case of police brutality.. keith. keith. jeff and jennifer.... it'ssa stories between what police say happenedd. and what witnesses say happened. but thing is clear. it's a homicide. ///////////////////vo/////////// /33 aaderson died after a confrontation with baltimore city police september 21....... according to the autoppy blunt-force injury. he suffeeed from broken ribs a also a head injury.. a re wass hemorrage to his left temporal. inittally, poliie say they caught anderson in aadrug dealland that e choked on drugs. witnesses, includiig anderson's mother, say officers beat the 46-year-old man toodeath as he walked frrm a ccrner store avenue. mootford - - 3 "tony suffered on that ot. &phe was haadcuffed and want the officers fired. we 3 the city ssate's attorney's th - office and police continues tonight. then ultimately, prosecutors will decide whether c
... of a child... won't be charged... with a crime. crimm. keith daniels... live... the... prosecutors' decision.. keith. keith. jeff...... p the city state's attorney's offiie made that deccsion in august.. ut released the news today.. only affer we called following up on the investigation. this stttement.. proseccuors clear an officee.. and tte viccim's family ii not pleased with prosecutors. prosecutors. david wright is the uncle who found his niece shot and killed in an alley in east baltimore.......later, wright leerned a baltimore city of he eastern district, would be under innestigation for his suspecced involvemenn in the march muuder of 13-year-old monea turnage. but nnw....prosecutors at thee pity state's attorney's office say ward will not face "there's insufficient evidencee to file chargee...a ecision &pthat's rocked wright's suppor of ity police. police. 3 now understand me clearly, every officer isn't bad. every there's a reat number of them who are. they are guilty and they do a lot of things, but they want respect on the streets and they
. eyewitnesses, evidence. horatio is on his way to the scene as we speak. delko: so you want to help, keith, you can help me. yeah, sure, anything. tell me what happened to this window. hey, look, my sister's been kidnapped. what's a broken window have to do with anything? because that could have been the kidnapper's first attempt. now, what happened to the window? someone threw a baseball through it. when? i don't know. about a week ago. you still have the ball? uh, yeah, yeah. i threw it in the, uh, chest full of pool toys. wait, hold on a second. don't touch it. your mother have a hair dryer i could use? what? why? you said you wanted to help, right? thanks, keith. (whirring) might have something. (trilling) got no match. no match-- you got nothing. i'm going to get this ball back to the lab. we could still get something from it. (sighs) hey, did you get something, h? this is the only section of the mall that doesn't have a surveillance camera. okay, so what are we looking for? well, they usually leave us something, don't they? what about these trash cans? mr. wolfe, let's start here. wolfe:
of the of customers till iinthe dark.- dark. keith daniels... is... streaming live.... in bel air when... he... caught up... withha crew...keith.. 3 p, can still keep up to date on u the latest news ann critical weather infoomation.we are streaming our newscasts to the web and to mooble devices. by searching for "wbff" in pp and we are constantly updating our website and facebook page. go to oxbaltimore dot command facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore for the very latest as hurricaneesandy moves into marylandd while... crews ...are working... overtime... to... repaii power lines, .../ they're... dealing... with dangerous cooditions... on the roads. 3 sandy... cauuing trees... and... many... were still blocking streets this morning...//. &pboulevard... i mount washington. crews.... shut down... this section... of... nearr.. bbl air,.../ where... working... to... clear a 3 tree... that crashed... into a home... further... up the rrad. many... of... thoss trees... brought down... megan gilliland..
>>> good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. we begin with breaking news. fairfax county police are on the scene of a shooting in getties port. officer found a woman suffering from a gunshot wound. they have one suspect in custody. they believe it wauz domestic incident. we'll bring the latest when it becomes available here on news 4. >> we are ten hours away from the second presidential debate. the candidates will square off on long island. it will be a town hall style debate. the debate will focus on domestic and foreign policy. you can watch it live here on nbc 4 starting at 9:00. stay tuned at 11:00 afterwards. angels of anaheim will monitor the web. you can weigh in with your comments on facebook, twitter or >> today, political experts from around the country are releasing their prediction on who will win. news 4's tony tull is live with what they believe. tony, it has to be close. >> no doubt it's going to be a close race. you can guarantee lots of folks will be tuned in tonight as you mentioned. th
morning. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's tuesday, october 23rd, 2012. >> right now, president obama is cam taning in florida. he wrapped up an appearance in delray beech. he's the candidate they can trust to lead the country. >> you know me. you can trust that i say what i mean. i mean what i say. and yes, we have been through tough times. but, you have never seen me quit. there's no quit in america. >> the president heads to ohio later today. he'll campaign in dayton with vice president, joe biden. romney is with his running mate, paul ryan. ryan has been in colorado for the past few days. >> both candidates are hoping last night's third and final debate gives them a boost going forward. the president criticized romney's views calling them outdated. he used his stance on russia as an example. >> a few months ago you were asked what is the biggest threat facing america. you said russia, not al qaeda. you said russia. in the 1980s or now, asking for their foreign policy. the cold war has been over for 20 years. >> the president began an apology to
. examiner has ruled anthony anderson's death.. a homiiide. keith daniels, live family members have here gathered... angered by the loss of a lovedone.. killed phey say.. by police.. keith. ////////////////////keitt/////// //////////// ////////////////////keith/////// //////////// jeff and jennifer..... familyy members say the utopsy report only confirms what they say they knew already..... we're live outside the offices &pof the... a communiiy group that's been prottssing gainst pplice since anderson's death.... and tonight, famiiy members are nside thh office with their attorney.. ready to continue their fight against police.....this time
, you'll want to see this. we'll get a look at the new e- book, "mick and keith never stop." fascinating stuff. we'll be right back. ai. he's taking us backwards. george allen is the last thing we need in washington. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising. a family can make... realizing a nursing home is the only choice. for many middle class families, medicaid is the only way to afford the care. but as a governor, mitt romney raised nursing home fees eight times. and as president, his budget cuts medicaid by one-third and burdens families with the cost of nursing home care. we have a president who won't let that happen. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approved this message. >>> big bird has been one of the biggest political stories since last week's debate. now halloween stores are cashing in. a costume wholesaler in california says since mitt romney name dropped the sesame street character during last week's debate, orders have been flying in. the retail range is between 40 and 100 bucks. store owners say because of de
../. cleared... of any wrongdoing.n - & a first on fox.... keith daniels, live n downtown baltimore.. wwerr prosecutors say officer john ward will ot bb charged with a crime.. keith. jennifer..... the city state's attooney's office released the news today..but only after we called them followinggup on the investigation. and tonight.. accordinn to ttii statement.. they say thhy've coocluded that there is inssfficient evidence to chargg officce ward. ////// 3 ward had been under investigation.. after police found the guu that killeddthe girl in the trunk of officer &pward's car.. after her body had een hidden in a pile of trass. sources say the officer was dating the mother of oneeof the 2-boysscharged with manslaughter in the march killlng of 13-year-old monae turnage.. there werre lso accusaaions that the officer played a rooe in a possible cover up and may have advisee the boys on how to handll the situation. at thh time.. familyymembers suspectee the boys did not act lone. alonn. () "because monae was heavy deed weight is extra eavy so - it
remains in the storm's path. good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's friday, october 26, 2012. tracking hurricane sandy. we are keeping a close eye on the storm. the bahamas are still feeling the e if he cans of sandy. the storm is responsible for at least 21 deaths, ten in cuba. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist, tom kierein. tom, when would we see the first signs of sandy? >> maybe on sunday. we have been saying the last couple days, sunday. there's been a wide variety of potential land fall areas with this particular storm. so, we are getting, though, a much better view on a greater likelihood of where to make land fall. it's a ragged looking tropical system and swinging rain bands into florida. sandy appears to be tracking to the north. it's interacting with the front, triggering rain in the midwest. both of the systems come together and will rapidly intensify as it gets near the atlantic sea board. winds of 80 miles per hour tracking to the north today and northeast tomorrow. as we get into sunday, taking a turn to the n
house aide keith boykin. and herman cain tells us what it's like to debate kevin madden. it's all about leadership and leadership means taking control of the conversation. that's just my advice. in an anemic overall economy, we've seen some positives in recent days. the ism services surprised on the up side today, 15 million car sales yesterday and of course stocks have been rising since a year ago today. the s&p is up 32%. so things can't be all that bad. how will the investor class vote in 34 days? but first up, both mitt romney and president obama are in their respective hotel rooms now. they're making final preparations for the big debate and cnbc's own john harwood joins us live with the details. good evening, john. >> good evening, larry. two hours from that debate we've gotten a reminder in the last 24 hours with a slew of polls of how high the stakes are in this debate. we forget sometimes because we talk about how mitt romney is down in the race but he's still got a chance. only down 3 points nationally in the journal/nbc poll. in key swing points he's pulling even in florida,
. but in the wake of the devastating superstorm, did sandy stall romney's momentum? here now are keith boykins and robert costa, jonathan colegio. mr. costa, i go to you on the conservative side. i think that barack obama did himself a lot of good. >> barack obama has had a decent week because he's been presidential in handling of this crisis in new jersey and new york. but ha we still see from the romney campaign is he's competitive in pennsylvania. he's competitive in ohio. he's trying harder. did it shake up the narrative, sure, but it's a very close race. >> my pal keith boykins on the other side of the coin. it looks to me like romney has gone behind enemy lines. he's parachuting behind enemy lines in pennsylvania and in michigan and in wisconsin and in iowa. he could be in trouble, keith. >> pennsylvania hasn't voted for a republican since 1988, i think. i mean, these are states that barack obama has never trailed in. it shows just how desperate mitt romney is because he can't compete in the swing states. this is a perfect storm that hit mitt romney this week. it showed barack obama as a
the shooting of a child. ccild. keith daniels streaminn live at city hall story you saw first on fox.. ////////////////////keith/////// //////// jeff and jennifer.... mayor stephanie rawlings blake reminded us today.. that officer john ward is still on admiiistrative leave.. desppie tte city state's attorneyys office decissin to not charge him wiih any crime. ////////////////////vo////////// ////// 3&p rosecutors made the decision in august.. but after we called following up on the innestigation. in a statement.. prosecutorr say simply..ttere's insufficient against ward. the officer was under investigation following the march shooting &pdeath of 13-year-old monae turnage. ward, who's out the eastern district,,was suspended when policc found the gun that killed the girl in the ttunk of ward's personal car. prosecutors say he won'' facc criminall &pcharges.. and the mayor ///////////////////sot////////// //////// (mayor rawlings bbake) "i stand by what i saad before.... officer, thhught of the allegations.. itts hard to imaaine the ppin that that would cause that family. she
. keiih daniels, liie in bowleys quarterr where storms hhve hit hard...keith. &p ///////////////////keith//////// //////// //////////////////vo//////////// 3 & 3 3 iq: where going o have a llt overr- bowley's quarters isn't he only areathaa could be hard hit by the storm.john rydell has the latesttfrom towson... on how all ffbaatimore county "sandd"... (rydell) "we're t the emergency operations center in from difffrent agenciesswho will be closely ttacking hurricane sandd."frrm middle river....esidents won't sooo it was just over aayear go... - whhnhurricann irene...also struck with vengence. so as "sandy" approachee...county officials...are preparingg..for the worst. (kamenetz) "be repared to be without power foo a lonn period of time."so counny executive kevin advising residents to stock up onnnon-perishable food. and on &ptte eastside...there are othe potential problems...ballimore waterfront.(hhbbard) "iffthis stoom changes jjst a couple off dramatically changes the t, it - wind which could change the he officials say even f you don't live near the
. keith daniels... live... at the south baltimooe. in... as... 3 baltimore. in... south the sccnn... live... at keith daaiels...shooting. shooting.aaother... deadly been... there's...afterroon .... justt.. thhs but...moment...... / as... we mentioned...// policc... are... searching... for the killer... oo... a... u.s.... sailor.../ guunedddown... lasttnight... in... south baltimore.../. crime... and... justice reporter had... been in the city... for....less pthan.. before he was kklled. ((joy)) iispooe with the ((joy)) i spoke witt the pladden just a shorr time ago. she told me her son as in town foo a brief viiit...that &phe camm to help some family memmers and planned to head back to norfolk virgina tomorrow. younger brother had just left theirrgrandpprenns.. it was outside their grandparentt hhme thattthe shots were fired. gladden's brother tells me it was at close range ... and, thht the men weee in a car he and his brother had just &pparallel parked nnfront of. nnighbors recall heariig as many five guussots. there were probably 0 to 40 - &pp
a preliminary reeort that suggested a broken financial management systemm keith daniils, live at city schhol headquarters where now the audit reveals several costly examples of jeff and jennifee...... it's n 85-page report ttaa addrrsses whaa state auditors call.. inadequate oversight of baltimore school finances.............and &ptonight tte report gives wayss the system could imppovv policies to be mmreecost &pefffctive. the state audit un-covered about 30 examples of "qqestionable" practices. atee overtime paymenns.. with paid without verifying hat all those employees worked the extra hours..........her were also excesssve accrued leave payments.... .....aad according to the report, the school ystem failed to dollars in debt. mayor sttp tte report unacccptable.. and is asking schhols c-eeo,,dr. andres alonso, to restore confiendence in heesyytee. p/////////////sot////////////// under dr. alonso. that being 3 said, i'm sure that he wants &pwant him to. i don't hink thatthe's atisfied wwth thee findings and i expecdt that he'll be making corrective board." dr. alonso released
-093 keith doerge, appellant(s) versus department of building inspection, respondent planning department approval. 2865 vallejo street. protesting the issuance on august 01, 2012, to shane busch, permit to alter a building (work related to approved bpa no. 2011/10/14/6816; underground expansion to garage - addition of 697sf; all new work is underground; new elevator up to 1st floor level; seismic upgrade; interior remodel of 1st floor level; mandatory sprinkler work under separate permit). we'll start with the appellant. you have seven minutes. >> thank you, president, commissioner lazarus, vice president fung. i put this picture -- can you see that? this is the property in question, where the construction is going on. and you can see just to the right, in the photo, is my house, which is -- starts at the street, and goes directly back. the house under construction begins a couple -- back, and then the houses are cojoined at that point. the purpose of our appeal is not to overturn the project. we would like to reduce the risk to my house. and by the way, i have my engineer here, rhine ha
more game to play against the rangers. that will take place on friday. keith mills will have details coming up later in sports. >> president obama is staying in denver this morning. mitt romney is going to virginia. >> tracie potts has a look at one.d >> the point of this debate was to make differences clear. on lowering the debt. we now have trillion dollars deficits. >> you said you would cut the deficit in half. >> the way we do it is $2.50 for every cut we ask for a dollar of additional revenue paid for by asking those of us who have done well to contribute a little more to reduce the deficit. >> the president insisted romney would spend $5 trillion on tax breaks favoring the wealthy. >> it shows that is not a recipe for job growth. >> everything you just said about my tax plan is not accurate. >> they clashed on wall street and medicare. >> cutting $716 billion for medicare to be able to balance thet additional cost of obamacare is a mistake. >> if you repeal obamacare, what happens is those seniors will be paying $600 more in subscription care. -- in prescription care. >> i don
... covering up... her daughter's... shootin. shooting. keith daniell, live at city hall with more oo a story you saw first on fox... keith keith jenniier...... today.. that officer john ward is still on administrative leave.. even though now.. he charges.... the mayor has said she's disggsted by this case... and tonight.. so is a motherr mother. edith turnage is a mmther fillld wiih anger and disbelief over a devastatiin decision.....made by baltimore city prosecutors in the mmrder 13-year-old monae turnage.(ms. turnage/monae's mothee) "and how do thhe expect for me to feel about my daughter.. insane... took her life ery freely. and everybody get off, everybbdy walk free. what kind oo stuff is that!?" turnage has leerneddthe ccty state's attorney'ssoffice will ot be filing criminal charges againss officer john ward. pposecctors ade the decision n august, but released theenews tuesday.. after ww called following up on the iivestigation. in a statement, prosecutors say simply.. there's insufficientt evideece tt fileecharges against wardd(ms. turnage) "i feel
are already dead in what some are calling a once in a century storm. storm. keith daniels... streaming live... from... bowleys quarrers .../ witt... residents.../ and pracing... for... a... massive... storm surge...keit. surge...keith. karen annd jeff.... as you know. bowleys quarters is one of those places where roads andd piers have been complettly those storm surges in the ppst.- and tonight.... boat owwers and dock workers are keeping their eyes n the waterr water. aa the galloway creek marina in bowleys quarters.. - beat the storm......áááánats up ull washing boat, etcáááá) ........the mmrina is one of quarters pay very close threat of wicked weather. rews are already pulling boats out of the water.. moving themmto ry, high groundd. to protect them from damage. miltoo rehbeen (rayybahn)......(ááánats up full: "i think it's going to beewindyááá)..........has been throuuh thhs beforee..inn stormm past.(rehbein) "we're going toohave a lot of rain, moss likely the electric is going to be off on the penisula maybe for daas. an
.. / ann... one woman..thousands of dollars. dollarr. keith daniels, live pn overlea where an alert realtor is getting the word out.. keith. 3 jeff and karen.... we're live on kolb avenue..... take a good look at theehhuse behind me. if you see this house on any listing for rental.... don't believeeii.. it's a scam. for rent.. n fact.. it's ot - under ccntract for sale. sale. rusty miller.. a lonntime realtoo for betsher and for the property on kolb a ake realtoo is using images of miller's property listinn.. and is contact iiforration for bogus rentaa aas n craigslist. theescam includes.. telling people they can't get the keys to the property until they send oney. according to millerr one &pwoman sent the fake realtor $- thousandddollars, theefirst 3 months rent and deposit. keys. that's what tippedd piller to he sccm...... /////////////////sot//////////// //// (miller) "they evennwent to theeextent of going on tax recorrs, finding the owner's name..created a yahoo accountt pith his name.. and then started trading eeails with &ppeople.." miller and his company hav
-school programs.. keith. keith. jennifer..... we're live at whaa's now called.. the dawson family safe haven center on east prestoo stteet..... city leaders call it a place to help keep neighborhood that's fighting to overcome problees with prugs and violence. the city'' housing department rebuild this place.. after a /////////////////////vv///////// //// an arsonist killeddanggla &pdawsoo, hhr husband and five of theer children 1o years ago today.... police say it was a drug deeler's revenge against drug dealers in her ddwson fire, tte city seized on the idea of creating of the worst acts of witness - intimidation in baltimoree histooy. &p ///sot////////////// ((cribee/balto. housing dept) "well, he mission is to make sure that children have a safe years ago, we don't want to haae happen in this ommunnty again. even thoogh it does ocur in certain arts of the city, we still are working hard to maae sure that all of our residents are ppotected." sinne the dawsoo ttagedy... police nd up on ppeoleewho innimidate witneeses. meantime, the memorial program is s
will e watching tonight's wwiner-take-all game in this division matchup. keith daniels, live downtoon just a karenn.... we're live at pickles pub.... they ccll it the official party place for ooioles fans.. nd tonight.... ttey're really hoping they'll havv something tt celebrate after gaae five. of course eeerybody's looking for the birrsstoobbat the yankkes in tonight's ame five.(ad-lib) &p live in downtown , baltimorr, keith daniils, fox 45 news at 5. be sure to tune in to fox45 the first to be on the ir be after the oriools game.. and coverage live from new ork. that brings us to our question of the day. will the o's make it to the world serres? gg to fox-baltimore ottcom and tell s what yoo think. &pyou can also sounn off hroug facebbok. send us a tweee.. at foxbaltimore. and you ccn text your nswer to 45203. fox45b for no. investiiatorss.. are... still wooking determine the cause... &pfire... in... northeast , friends and family....gathered last nighh... to honor the victims. victims. 3&13735 takera is with god.... 0 13740 the group... held aavig
appened,.../ are... gathering... tonight... for... a... vigil.. and... . funnraiser...///. keith daniell,.../ live... in... northeast baltimore ... where... supporters... are with... the victims''family../ keith. jeff..... we're live on dennood road...... the fire happened in the home behind me.... and tonighh... people who don't &pgattering here for support..... both emmtionally.. and fnancially. //////// the deadly fire say the victimsswere trappedd hhoe. crews arrivvd tt from the two-story house. tonight, workers at knockout towing and road services powing companies in the arra.. asking for donations to help surving family memmers with expenses.. ........and ther - tonight... there's a big reeponse. onight, investigators are still working to determine exactty what caused thiss &pdeadly fire.. live n daniels, fox 45 news at five. p high school studenttin silver ssring was stabbed on ampus by another it happennd this morning att norttwood high school. tte 15-year-old victim's ppncture and authorities say he's ánotá coooerating with the investiggti
police. >>> police say the suspect is being held at the san mateo jail in the killing of keith coffee. he was found dead in the front road of a home early yesterday morning. it appears they got into a fight before he was killed. >> is charged with selling drugs to minors. he was an agency for santa clara employees and now he faces 18 felony charges. prosecutors accused him for writing prescriptions for heavily addicted drugs. they are possibly trading for sex. >> sales koan if i of ecstasy clear skies for other items. >> they found child pornography and other inappropriate things. >>> tomorrow marks the 16th birthday of missing teen sierr lemar. authorities believe she is dead. family and friends continue to hold out hope. weekend on scale moves will deliver their decision. they share his story on the ellen degenerous show and he will deliver petition of support from the boy scout council. he said more than 400,000 people have died. >>> now coming up on 4:47, a federal judge ruled for lehmann brothers for security violations. san mateo county lost $155 million when lehmann brothers decla
with mick jagger and keith richards separately asking them questions, and they got shockingly different answers. part of a new video-enhanced e-book from nbc publishing called "mick and keith, never stop." elliot, welcome back. >> great to have you here. >> great to be here with you. a day i dreamt never would happen. it's great. >> you spent years basically itting on incredible footage. >> yes. >> and great, great memories from your career interviewing the stones, among many others. tell me about your favorite memories with mick and keith. >> well, just to be with mick and keith is extraordinary, i mean, to have the chance to actually sit with them, and then to have the chance to go back and revisit this archive, be able to use the footage which is available today at your itunes book store right here on this fantastic new ipad, but the chance to sit down with your rock 'n' roll heros and actually talk to them is every fan's dream come true. >> and they had very different viewpoints, very different things to say. we got a clip here. let's take a look. >> when "satisfaction" was written,
. dollars. keith daniels, &plive in overlea where an aler realtor is getting the word out.. keith. keith. kaaen.... take a good look at the house behind me. if you see ttis house on any listing for rental.... don't believe pt.. it's a scam. ttis house is not for rent.. in fact, it's under contract for sale. still, the scam.. and tonight.. the warning. 3 rusty miller is a longtime realtor for betsher ann assooiates out of hunt &pvalley...........he's showwng a property in parkville &pfull: ááá).......but lately &pit's a property in overlea.. phat conccrns im most. &pmiller is the true realtor fo but miller says an immosterris using images of miller's property listing.. and his contact infoomation for boguu rental ads on craigslist. rent.. but it's ot.(miller) "we're not actuully victimss but ssmebody else s...." ........the scam includes.. approved for the rental, they can't get the keys to the properry unttl hey send money. one woman sent the fake reaator $5-thousand dollars, the first 3 monthssrrnt ann deposit.. thenncallee miller for the keys.
keith urban. >> seriously good singers down here. a lot of church going singers down here. it's good soulful bunch of people. >> reporter: mariah carey seemed ready to work. and randy jackson came home. >> what's the deal, what's the deal? big b.r. >> reporter: this is the judges' room, where contestants come in, step up on stage, and prepare to sing their hearts out. >> this is the time when they say, welcome to hollywood! >> reporter: she made it to the holding room with other contestants and families. waiting for their numbers to be called. like drew of new orleans, and athena. >> i'm going to bring new orleans, a piece of greece. >> reporter: her musical family cheers her on. listen to her grandmother. ♪ i see trees of green, red roses, too ♪ >> some of them have raw talent. some are ready and others need a little bit of time. >> reporter: all the signs say this could be an incredible idol year. nancy parker, fox news. >> got to watch and see. >> absolutely. >> the news tonight is far from over. >> the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >>> a big win. >> great play by shawn
in baltimore. >> for eight inning, everything was great. then the wheels came off in the ninth. keith gilbert has details on the loss. >> fans waited 15 year to have postseason baseball here at camden yards. it was a packed house last night. a beautiful setting. they all had orange towels waving throughout. it's one of the games that's always great and the fans didn't have to be prompted to stand up and cheer. you didn't need the score board to tell you this was a baseball crowd. some postseason action. for eight inning, played beautifully. tied two apiece. in the ninth, jim johnson, the closer, not accustomed to coming in with a tie game. he did not have the command. that point forward. so a 7-2 loss incredibly disappointing indeed for the orioles. back at it monday night. and get to see what they are made of. all year long, they placed diversity. pulled together. managed to come together and get the job done. that's the past night. pretty important. if they go down 0-2 and they have to go to new york for a three-game sweep, likelihood of that is not good. tonight's game two is a must win. c
left under water. >> welcome. i'm barbara harrison. i'm keith russell. montgomery county schools announced they will be open on time tomorrow. once again, montgomery county schools will be open for business tomorrow. >> right now, we are going to lieutenant governor of maryland who is speaking right now. there's a press conference under way for the state of maryland. take a listen. >> hats off to everyone with mention to the work being done by the national guard as well as the maryland state police. >> governor, thank you. let me update you on a couple situations. we are experiencing -- the things we are looking for right now as this storm moves off and up into the susquehanna, the flooding issues will be with us for quite a few days. we are monitoring the flow. as you know, from these events, that will be a concern of ours for several days. there is some flooding of rivers we are anticipating. we have been on the phone with the elected officials of frederick. there's been evacuations door-to-door. the water came up high there. it's going to stay high there and be another high ti
. >> the 37th annual marine corps marathon got under way just over an hour ago. keith russell joins us now at the finish line. it seems like the energy is awesome, keith. >> the energy is high and it's getting even higher, right behind me you're seeing the finishers of the 10k. let's take you back to the start of the marathon. 7:55 this morning and they were off. 30,000 people running in this year's marathon. 54 countries represented. every state in this country represented. we expect the first person to cross the line around 10:15. now, back to the 10k. the first person who crossed the line in this year's 10k is a man by the name of glenn collins. he comes to us from the state of michigan. he's run in several marathons before and to finish first, whether it's the 10k or the actual marathon, the distance, that's not the story. what he's running from, what everyone is running for, that is the story. >> it's an honor. being here the last few years working the expos, to know the history of this race, with the marathon and 10k. it's an honor. it's a privilege to be the first guy to cross the l
>>> good morning. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's friday, october 19th, 2012. it was a bad, bad morning for hundreds of drivers. after a truck accident brings the inner loop of the beltway to a screaming halt for hours. all drivers could do is sit there and wait. it started around 4:30 this morning. traffic didn't start moving again until 8:00. megan mcgrath reports it made for a lot of friday morning headach headaches. >> reporter: a horrible morning for people who take the inner loop to 355. a tractor trailer accident. they had a fuel spill, they shut down all the las. for the people who got caught between the two exits, all they could do is sit and wait. oh, the frustration. hundreds of cars and trucks stuck on the inner loop for more than three hours this morning. a man missed his morning flight. >> caller: i was supposed to be on a flight. total standstill. i mean, occasionally you see cars move a little bit. i'm not sure anyone is moving at all. >> reporter: a tractor trailer accident was the cause. work crews had to clear the trucks
>>> good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. itis wednesday, october 17th, 2012. obama and romney had a debate that featured plenty of fireworks. they took an aggressive tone in the conversation. they clashed on several issues. as always, who came out as a winner depends on who you ask. melissa mollet is live with more on that. >> good morning. if you like the presidential debates, two forecasts and verbal sparring. last night's face-off was the one for you. millions watched to see if president obama could bounce back. >> you want me to answer. i'm happy to answer the question. >> and it is? >> it was a testy change at hofster university. the gloves came off. it looked like the candidates were going start boxing. >> i had a question. >> president obama more aggressive than in the first go round. he appeared more comfortable with the town hall style format. romney didn't back down, standing his ground on an evening that will be remembers giving the impression they are starting to like each other less and less. >> how much did you cut
>>> good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday, i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it'sfriday, october 12th, 2012. four more games this season. one will determine if this season lives or dies. tonight, washington will take the field in the do or die against the cardinals. it comes after one of the most dramatic nights fans have ever seen. melissa mollet is live from the nats parks. fans said we can win this thing. tonight, they can back those words up. >> reporter: absolutely. everybody says no doubt the nats are going to win. take a look at the line behind me. it opened at 10:00. 400 people, by our account. they will not say how many tickets are left, but there are no standing room only tickets. no standing room only tickets left. the cheapest at $315 each. they are sure they will all be gone before the game. as the sunrises over nats stadium, the start of a perfect day. it's too bad. these nats fans are sick. >> my head hurts so much. >> my stomach hurts. i have been sweating. >> reporter: let me diagnose you, nats fever. feel what the nats are doing for our city
>>> good morning. welcome to news 4 midday, i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's thursday, october 11th, 2012. we begin with what killed the six-day old panda at the zoo. zoo keepers released the cause of death. we are live where the news can frens wrapped up. megan? >> reporter: the scientists and veterinarians conducted a lot of work here to figure out what happened. they believe they have the cause of death. what we are being told is the panda cub's lungs were poorly developed. it doesn't allow enough oxygen to get to the liver and it caused the death of the panda cub. it was a baby girl. the cub was a female cub. they are not exactly sure why it happened. it doesn't mean it will happen again. they still have hopes that the mother could have a cub. she is back on view to the public. she was out in her yard this morning and eating. she had her back turned for a good part of the morning, two visitors coming to see her. she is almost back to normal in terms of her behavior. she's not cradling her toy anymore. she's no longer using the nest she built. the last of
, in the news 4 my day. >> i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. we begin with live pictures from the new york stock change. prices are higher this morning. small gains from the dow and nasdaq. investors are hoping to make up for big losses yesterday. a positive housing report is helping. more on the numbers later in the newscast from cnbc. >>> the chance of record-breaking temperatures today. tom kierein with the first 4 forecast. >> looks like a hazy, summer day. that was a live view. we have had clouds coming through this morning over the last three or four hours. generally, seeing this activity breaking up. just a few lingering sprinkles in southern an run dell and across the bay and easton and delaware. after that, behind that, we are getting the cloud cover breaking up. sunshine breaking out west and north of washington. cloudy for the most part to the south. as the sun does break out, we are going to see the temperatures take a quick jump. most locations mid to upper 60s to near 70 degrees including montgomery and prince george's counties. temperatures in the 60s at reagan national
the leading news station, this is news 4 midday. >>> good morning. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's thursday, october 25th, 2012. police arrested rick curl, a prominent d.c. area swimming coach for sexually abusing a minor. a girl came forward because he abused her in the '80s. they banned him last year because of the allegations. he founded the curl burke swim club with 11 sights around the d.c. area. >> all eyes are on sandy. at least two people have died. the hurricane is gaining strength over cuba. it made ld fall overnight with wind gusts over 114 miles per hour. the tropical storm warning is in effect for parts of florida. the question is, what kind of impact will sandy make here? for that, we bring in tom kierein. >> tom, you have the latest track, the very latest. >> this just came out a couple minutes ago. it's really broken up and lost a lot of organization, but regaining strength. right now, it's over open waters, south of the bahamas. here are the latest conditions. itis maintained strength as a category 2 storm. it's tracking north at 15 t
. good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith rust. it's wednesday, october 31st, 2012. >>> a 15-year-old is dead after being struck by a car while walking to school. it happened around 7:00 this morning at germantown road. chopper 4 flew over the scene. the tenth grader at seneca valley high school was walking to school when the teen was hit by the car. the driver stayed at the scene. they are investigating what caused the accident. we have a crew on the way to the scene and will bring update >> at this hour, our area is getting back to normal after sandy. today, the federal government is reopened. most students in the area are back to class. the numbers onandy's destruction remain staggering. the storm is to blame for 55 deaths nationwide. power outages stand at 55 homes and businesses down from 8.5 million. sandy is shaping up to be one of the costliest disasters in the u.s. it's estimated to cost between $20 billion and $50 billion in damage. >>> the worst may not be over for some flood prone neighborhoods in the area. the river has gone down som
panel. here is cnbc contributor keith boykin and author of "chronicles of a manhattan conservative." >> i'm a reince priebus admirer but that last message do it for me. i think the message has to be growth, growth, growth. there are still 25 million people out of work who would like to be working. why did you think reince was so mushy on that point? >> i think it has to be a message of prosperity. you have barack obama a big government guy and mitt romney talking about small government, self-sufficiency. i was grateful in the debate to finally see two very different visions that america can choose from. think they need to keep making that distinction very, very clear. >> but they've got to have a growth message, get people back to work, get the businesses started up again. they've got to. >> low taxes, deregulation. >> where was the tax reform? let's stop right there. where was reince priebus, where's his tax reform? mitt was brilliant on lower tax rates, broadening the base. lower tax rates gives you incentives. to me that was a huge winner in the debate but i didn't hear that ton
for the economy? here now is lia malika henderson. romney surrogate ed kinard and keith mccullough. what zoo you want to hear tonight? >> well, first i want to get to a strong dollar that we haven't had. i want to hear something that inspires a small business community. we have been going through the paces of the last four years of a dollar that has been devalued and oil is up 160% straight up and to the right. >> let me put a little heat on you, keith. who is going to give the message that you want? who? >> they have different opinion ones. >> i have not heard a pro growth message in the last six years. >> ed, let me go to you. does your man mitt romney have a pro growth vision? >> absolutely. if you raise spending $1 trillion a year as we have since 2007, that puts great increases on everyone. that reduces jobs and slows growth. so the only solution here is to cut spending and try to avoid the tax increases that the deficit arefleffecaffects. >> a lot of people felt that one of the problems for barack obama was that he didn't have a forward looking message on the economy. do you think that bar
. they remain one game behind the yankees after the yankees beat the red sox. keith mills will have more later in sports. we asked u local members to show us their seats and we see some great views on u local. you can do the same and share your pictures with us today. >> president obama and mitt romney will face off for the first time on the presidential debate stage. >> hallie jackson joins us live from the white house with a preview of what we can expect. good morning. >> good morning. can you believe it? after weeks of debate prep and days of spin, the big night is here. it could make a difference in deciding who will live in the white house come january. >> secure our border, protect legal immigration -- >> we are going through the worst financial crisis since the great depression. >> for all their debate experience, tonight will be different for the candidates. president obama is now an incumbent, fighting to stay in office. >> they are practicing being pointed but being respectful. >> and mitt romney's looking to breathe new life into his campaign, as polls show him trailing in some key
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